An institution that excels in
Research and Development

The core objective of AAHII is to develop an institution that excels in Research and Development (R&D) in frontier areas of health sciences and cutting-edge technologies for health. AAHII will establish six (6) Centres of Excellence (CoE) initially; with maturity and further evolution of the landscape of health and diseases, more such CoEs will emerge.

Why IIT Guwahati?

The strategic commitment of IIT Guwahati provides the road map for the journey towards excellence.

Established in


Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, the sixth member of the IIT fraternity, was established in 1994.

Active researchers


Active researchers working in almost all the frontier areas of science and technology.



IIT Guwahati has been ranked as India’s #7 university in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Rankings released by the Ministry of HRD.

in QS World


IIT Guwahati gained rank 32 globally in the ‘Research Citations per Faculty’ category in the QS World University Rankings 2024 released recently.


Interdisciplinary translational R&D centre for innovation in frontier areas of health sciences and cutting-edge health technologies

Data-driven health system, including epidemiology, clinical management, outcome management and large-scale monitoring. Health data analytics lab integrating clinical and epidemiological data for public health policy, disease biology, monitoring and measurement – through deep-learning, image analytics and data analytics modelling

Most of the answers to major medical dilemmas are to be found in neurobiology – structural & functional, including movement disorders, memory disorders, the influence of the nervous system on other body systems, earlier thought to be independent.

Provide a more precise approach to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, leading to efficient resource utilisation and better outcome. Tailoring the treatment for each patient for the desired outcome– Next Generation Sequencing (NSG), molecular/genetic basis, gene editing & Immunotherapeutics

Easier, wider, quicker access to diagnostic, with analysis, evaluation and pattern recognition. Molecular to biomarkers, empowered with nanoscience technology, microfluidics, quantum technologies, augmented/virtual reality, and AI/ML/BD

Improved surgical/therapeutic outcomes and diagnosis and treatment in difficult anatomies. High-precision and accurate delivery of drugs at the targeted locations, provide localised radiotherapy, diagnose localised entities etc.

Frontier and futuristic areas of medical management for a transformative outcome. Immunotherapy, transformative/ regenerative medicines, stem cell therapy, aided by the recent advent of biomaterials, micro/nano fabrication, nanoelectronics, microfluidics, quantum technologies etc.

Upcoming Academic Programs at AAHII

Bridging the gap between lab research and clinical medicine

7-8 Years


Medical, Engineering & Science – including integrated PG-PhD programmes

3 Years

PG Degree (Clinical)

MD - Medicine, MS - Surgery, MD - Infec. Dis., MS - G&O and MS - Ortho.

3 Years

PG Degree (Pre/Para-clinical)

MD - Biochemistry, MD - Med. Physiology, MD - Comm. Med.

3 Years

Superspeciality Degree

MCh - Neuro, MCh - CTVS, DM - Nephrol., DM - Gastro, DM - Neuro, MCh - GI Surg., MCh - Urology

3-4 Years

UG Degree

BSc Nursing, Dialysis, OT, ICU, MLT & Radiology

6-18 Months


Short-term (6 months)/ Long-term (12-18 months)



Medical simulation programs including real-life situations

Our Timeline

We are all the team experts and specialists of particular branches falls into
researches and diagnosis, ready to serve you at their best.


  • • DPR Completed
  • • Key Recruitments


  • • Finalisation of Drawing & Design
  • • Construction starts


  • • Installtion of Equipments
  • • Procurement of Services


  • • The hospital becomes fully functional by end of April, 2027
  • • Academic programs start